The buildings have an aesthetic view with Aluminum Composite Panel coatings which provide aesthetics and durability in the best way.

Structural glass facade systems

Structural Silicone Facade Systems Facade cladding systems that emphasize the simplicity and transparency of glass. In the structural silicon façade system, when viewed from the outside, no aluminum profile is seen but the whole glass appearance is created.

Ceramic Facade Systems

Ceramic exterior coating system; In today’s architecture, it is preferred because it protects the buildings from external factors, preserves the indoor climate, does not require periodic maintenance, and is natural durable and aesthetic.

Terracotta Facade Systemss

Terracotta systems, which are preferred in facades with their natural appearance, offer application and product supply with TANAL Construction assurance.

Compact Laminate Wall Cladding

Kraft papers impregnated with phenol-based synthetic resin and melamine-based resin on the outside of decorative paper on both surfaces at a temperature of 150 ° C and 100 kg / cm² under pressure 90 minutes are pressed solid laminate panels. After pressing, no additional application is made to the laminate surface.

The weight is 1.45 kg / m2 for 1mm. Compact laminate, which can be produced from 1 mm up to 40 mm, is generally used in facade cladding sizes of 4mm – 12mm.

Sinterflex Facade Cladding

Sinterflex panels emerging technology is very advanced, 3000 × 1000 mm in Turkey are made 3 and 5 mm thick. It is a flexible material and its flexibility radius is 5.5 meters. Because it is ceramic, it is a preferred product for wide facade claddings such as shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals and business centers.